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  • Senior Engineer, Spring Creek Debris Dam

  • Senior Engineer, Starvation Dam

  • Senior Engineer, Wasco Dam

  • Senior Engineer, Ririe Dam 

  • Inundation Area Analysis, Salt River Project 

  • Seismic Hazard Assessment, Brock Reservoir, Senator Wash, and Imperial Dam

  • Periodic Facility Review, Davis Dam

  • Periodic Facility Review, Parker Dam

  • Periodic Facility Review, New Waddell Dam 

  • Canals of Concern, Central Arizona Project

  • Emergency Action Plans, 

    • Trailhead Detention Basin  

    • Windmill Detention Basin 

    • Desert Inn Detention Basin 

Design and Construction 
  • Pier Avenue Drain

  • Sixth Street Drain 

  • Westchester Area Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Culvert - Bridge Design 

  • California Avenue Storm Drain

  • Priscilla Lane Sewer Design

  • Stockdale Hwy Bridge at Kern River, Contract Admin

  • Planz Road Bridge Widening at Hwy 99, Contract Admin

  • Stockdale Hwy Bridge at Cross Valley Canal, Contract Admin

  • Stockdale Hwy Extension, Contract Administration

  • 4th Street Drain 

  • Detention Basin No. 5

  • Durango Collector

  • Pre-design Hiko Springs Wash Outfall

  • Pabco Road Erosion Control Structure

  • Erosion Control Structure No. 1

  • Winnick Drain at the Imperial Palace

  • Owens Avenue Street Design

  • Philips North Stains River Exploration Well, Alaska

  • Beowawe Area Geothermal Exploration Wells, Nevada

  • Winnemucca Area Geothermal Exploration Wells, Nevada

  • Chico area natural gas exploration wells, California

  • Offshore oil exploration, Santa Barbara Channel

  • Onshore oil exploration, Santa Barbara County

  • Oil exploration wells, Inglewood, California

  • Oil exploration wells, Maricopa, California

  • Solar panel hydrology study, Jordan

  • Solar panel hydrology study, Chile

  • 2016, Technical support, Texas v New Mexico, Colorado, US Supreme Court (Federal service) 

  • 2018, Technical support, Hurricane Harvey flooding, Houston, Texas, Chubb/AIG litigation 

  • 2019, Emil C. Shebelbon, II v Upstream Holding, LLC et al, expert witness (plaintiff)  - deposition, settlement unknown 

  • 2019, Gregory Montoya, Jule Staffiero, Frank Staffiero, Yasser Jabber, Carla Jabber, Nicholas Martnez, and Teresa Martinez v City of San Diego and DOES 1 to 20, defendants, expert witness (plaintiff)  - deposition, settlement won before court testimony

  • 2019, Lucy Ludwig-Melendriz and Sergio Melendrez, Plaintiffs, v City of Chula Vista, and DOES 1 to 20, defendants, expert witness (plaintiff)  - deposition, settlement won before court testimony 

  • 2022, Jean - Marie White, et al, v Santa Clara Valley Water District, et al, expert witness (plaintiff) - settlement won before deposition, court testimony 

  • 2022, SOUTHERN NEVADA WATER AUTHORITY, a political subdivision of the State of Nevada; LAS VEGAS VALLEY WATER DISTRICT, a political subdivision of the State of Nevada; CITY OF NORTH LAS VEGAS, a political subdivision of the State of Nevada; DOE individuals I through X, inclusive; and ROE entities I through X, inclusive (defendant) - settlement before deposition, court testimony 

  • 2023, class action lawsuit vs Town of Gila Bend, Maricopa County, Maricopa County Flood Control District, Paloma irrigation and Drainage District, Union Pacific Railroad - expert witness, in progress

  • Geography 482 – Nature of Geographic Information 

  • Geography 483 – Decision Support with GIS Layouts 

  • Geography 484 – GIS Database Development

  • Geography 485 – Introduction to GIS Modeling and Python

  • Geography 497D – LiDAR Technology and Applications 

  • Geography 583 – Geospatial Design and Analysis

  • Geography 584 – Geospatial Technology Project Management 

  • Geography 586 – Geographic Information Analysis

  • Geography 862 – GPS and GNSS for Geospatial Professionals 

  • Geography 863 – GIS Mashups for Geospatial Professionals

  • Hydrogeology of the Penoyer Valley Region, Central Nevada

  • Mission Valley Groundwater Model Update 

  • Santee El Monte Groundwater Model Update

  • Qualcomm Stadium Groundwater Model Prototype

  • Santee Basin Aquifer Recharge Study 

  • Water Well Design 


  • Truckee River Aerial Reconnaissance

  • Truckee River Aerial Photography 

  • Geography 882 - Geographic Foundations of Geospatial Intelligence

  • Geography 883- Remote Sensing Analysis and Applications

  • Geography 892 - Geospatial Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems 

  • Geography 480- Exploring Imagery and Elevation Data in 
    GIS Applications

Hoover Dam.1.jpg
  • Short term operations 

  • Mid term operations 

  • Coordinated operations, Lake Powell and Lake Mead, under Low Reservoir Conditions

  • Colorado River Annual Operating Plan

  • Minute 306, 1944 Treaty with Mexico

  • Lower Colorado River Boundary and Capacity Preservation

  • Hydraulic model simulations, Imperial Dam to the Southerly International Boundary 

  • Brock Reservoir hydraulic simulations

  • Rio Grande Project Data Support

  • Contract admin, research and development related to forecasting


  • Supported research and development related to reuse effluent in reservoirs 

  • 2D Surface water model of the Mojave River, Victorville to Helendale

  • Southeast California Basin Study 

  • Conditional Letter of Map Revision, Riverfront Business Park, Truckee River

  • Letter of Map Revision, Mustang Industrial Development, Truckee River

  • Letter of Map Revision, Craig Road and US 95

  • Hydrology and hydraulics of the Northern Las Vegas Wash

  • SPCC Plans, various locations 

  • Phase I Determinations, various locations 

  • Technical drainage studies, various locations 

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